What Causes Cut Edge Corrosion?

Cut edge corrosion is caused when the edges of cladding panels are left unprotected. While during the manufacturing process, a plastic coating is added to all panels, this is often removed by installers when panels are cut down to fit the contours of a building. In doing this, the plastic protection is removed from edges and therefore, now exposed to corrosion.

If you notice that signs of rust are beginning to form, it is imperative to enlist professionals to apply a cut edge corrosion treatment. Some of the most common telltale signs include discolouration and blistering of the paint. In doing this, you can avoid the entire panel from eroding, causing the need for a full replacement.

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With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Advanced Refurbishments have built a high reputation for solving all manner of cladding issues. Through experimenting with various techniques, team members have perfected an effective cut edge corrosion treatment available to industries such as:

  • Catering, Food and Beverage
  • Commercial and Retail Units
  • Warehouses and Factories
  • Automotive Groups

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