Reputable Cladding Refurbishment

In some cases, panels can be damaged beyond repair, which means that a full cladding refurbishment will be required to rectify any associated problems.

When opting for cladding replacement, Advanced Refurbishment will begin with a comprehensive site survey. In doing this, the underlying causes can be assessed to determine the best plan of action. As replacement can be somewhat expensive, Advanced Refurbishments will always aim to experiment with repairs before recommending the installation of new cladding. During replacement, all panels can be created bespoke to the client. A variety of different materials are available, all of which can be colour matched to fit brand colours or to blend seamlessly into existing panels.

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Types Of Cladding Replacement

Whether you want to stick with the existing panel material or experiment with a more modern alternative, cladding can be manufactured and installed based on requirements. Some of the most common types of cladding replacement include the following:

  • Facades
  • Roof Sheets
  • Composite Cladding
  • Windows, Doors and Lifts

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"After contacting another cladding company about replacement and being quoted an extortionate price, we couldn’t have been happier that we came across Advanced Refurbishments. They keep their prices reasonable without compromising on the outstanding quality of workmanship and results!"

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