Expert Colour Matching Services

Over the past 20 years, Advanced Refurbishments has built up an exceptional reputation amongst leading paint manufacturers. Due to this, all services now come alongside the option for colour matching to ensure that all work is completed meeting every requirement.

Colour matching is essential for both maintenance and repair tasks. As opposed to replacing entire panels, repairs can be completed and seamlessly resprayed to camouflage all past damage. Shade samples can either be collected during a site survey or sent during your initial enquiry.

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Colour Matching For All Spraying Services

Colour matching remains incredibly popular amongst both commercial and domestic clients due to the array of different shades. Not only are solid primary shades available, but also more unique alternatives such as metallic colours and special-effect coatings. Some of the most popular services to utilise colour matching include the following:

  • Cladding and food safe panel repairs
  • Inside spraying
  • Facade and cladding onsite spraying
  • Window frame coating

Matched To Perfection!

"After researching many different companies to respray our shop front, Advanced Refurbishments stood out from the crowd from the very beginning. They went above and beyond to make sure that we loved the final outcome – couldn’t recommend enough!"

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