Powder Coated Aluminium Cladding

Many commercial buildings are constructed using aluminium due to its many sought-after features. Not only is aluminium incredibly lightweight, making it easy to install, but also durable, non-corrosive and recyclable.

Advanced Refurbishment specialises in the installation, maintenance and repairs of powder coated aluminium cladding. Using the latest equipment, panels are coated with a protective layer, which adds extra strength and thickness, making them increasingly susceptible to damage. Powder coatings are available in an array of shades, many of which can be colour-matched to suit branding or existing panels.

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Coating Galvanized Steel

Along with aluminium powder coatings, Advanced Refurbishments also provide clients with coating galvanized steel. Galvanizing is the process in which a layer of zinc is sprayed onto steel or iron to add additional protection against rusting.

25 Year Guarantee Available

Increased Durability

Water & UV Light Resistant

Breathable Coatings

Dirt Resistant

Colour Matched

Industries We Serve

Opting for aluminium cladding protected with a powdered or galvanized coating is a popular choice for many commercial properties. Below are just some of the many industries we provide this service to:

  • Car Dealerships
  • Sports and Leisure Centres
  • Retail Parks
  • Restaurants

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"Advanced Refurbishments couldn’t have been more helpful from start to finish. They recommended the best coating type for our unit and scheduled a date that meant that we didn’t need to close for refurbishment!"

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