Industrial Lift and Fire Door Coatings

As the most extensively used components of every commercial building, lifts and doors begin to deteriorate at a considerably quicker rate. With this in mind, Advanced Refurbishments specialise in rectifying and respraying a plethora of door and lift types.

One of the most popular spraying services remains to be fire door coatings, which not only look aesthetically pleasing but also work as a protective barrier. In the event of a fire, the additional layer will act as a fire retardant and prevent the flames from spreading into the allocated area. For more information any of the lift and door spraying services available, please feel free to contact Advanced Refurbishments.

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25 Year Guarantee Available

Increased Durability

Water & UV Light Resistant

Breathable Coatings

Dirt Resistant

Colour Matched

Industries We Serve

All coatings available boast high durability and reliability features, which is ideal for minimising the need for replacement in years to come. Due to this, many different industries can benefit from the spraying services in question, including the following:

  • Warehouses
  • Commercial and Retail Units
  • Schools and Universities
  • Automotive

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"After hearing a client speak highly of Advanced Refurbishments, I knew they would be the best company to respray our office lifts. They perfectly colour matched the existing colour for a seamless, yet discrete finish!"

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