Tailored Floor Spraying

Opting for professional floor spraying is highly beneficial in not only improving appearance but also minimising maintenance and repairs fees. All coatings used by Advanced Refurbishment is solvent-free, chemical resistant and non-slip, making the service highly sought-after in various industries.

An initial site survey is available to clients for free. During the survey, your Advanced Refurbishment expert will assess the current condition of the flooring and recommend a bespoke project roadmap. If required, factors such as colour-matching can be factored in, along with the most convenient time for construction work to be carried out.

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25 Year Guarantee Available

Increased Durability

Water & UV Light Resistant

Breathable Coatings

Dirt Resistant

Colour Matched

Industries We Serve

With over 20 years of experience, Advanced Refurbishment has provided flooring coatings to a plethora of different industries. Just some of the many industries that our services are available to include the following:

  • Hospitals and Laboratories
  • Factories and Warehouses
  • Retail Parks and Shop Floors
  • Office and Industrial Estates

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"I couldn’t recommend Advanced Refurbishment enough to anyone looking for a reliable coatings company. They keep their prices low without compromising on the outstanding quality that we know them for!"

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