Commercial Spraying For Curtain Walling

As the outer protective layer of a building, curtain walling is exposed to its fair share of adverse conditions. Due to this, over time, colour can begin to fade, and the overall appearance can deteriorate. With this in mind, Advanced Refurbishment provides quality commercial spraying for curtain walling to revitalise your property and bring life back to its exterior.

Having extensive experience spraying curtain walling of all materials, Advanced Refurbishment will tailored application processes to guarantee immaculate results. Projects can be scheduled for a time and date that meets your requirements, to ensure that disruption to daily operations and trade is kept at a minimum.

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25 Year Guarantee Available

Increased Durability

Water & UV Light Resistant

Breathable Coatings

Dirt Resistant

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Curtain Wall Spraying Services

Ensuring that your corporate premises positively reflects your business is imperative in promoting success. Advanced Refurbishment aims to take the hassle out of commercial maintenance through providing a quality of curtain wall spraying like no other. Using the latest, safety approved equipment; experienced industrial sprayers are able to transform curtain walling systems of all types, including the following:

  • Glass curtain walling systems
  • Stick curtain wall systems
  • Panellised curtain wall system
  • Pressure-equalised rainscreen systems
  • And many more!

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