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Sharmans exceptionally high-performance systems are designed with one aim in mind – to create products capable of preventing leaks in commercial and industrial roofing and guttering. An array of different products are available, each of which has their own sought-after traits to solve common issues such as cut edge corrosion, guttering refurbishment and rooflight protection.

Advanced Refurbishments have spent time in the Sharmans contractor training centre to learn the best techniques to guarantee results. Application methods available for clients include Delcote and Seamsil.

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Delcote systems, manufactured initially by Delvemade, is now only exclusively available from Sharmans; this includes both the GS gutter and architectural full roof coating system.

The GS Gutter Coating Systems boast excellent elasticity properties meaning that they are entirely unaffected by UV, adverse weather and temperature damage. Coatings can be applied directly to all components of the guttering system with no need to add an initial layer of primer for adhesion. If required, the GS coating can be combined with the Seamsil 300 gutter joint repair system which will create a relining system for materials such as metal, concrete and asbestos.

To revitalise roofing and prolong its lifespan, the Delcote Architectural Full Roof Coating System is ideal. Designed using silicone, the coating is more than capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions such as heavy snow, temperature changes and UV exposure. It is naturally water repellent and corrosion resistant with an estimated life expectancy of 25 years.


Similarly to Delcote, there are two types of Seamsil systems available at Advanced Refurbishments; the Seamsil 100 cut edge corrosion treatment and the Seamsil 400 bolt encapsulation system.

The Seamsil 100 Cut Edge Corrosion System boasts the ability to provide a life-long solution to the damage of corrosion, specifically in relation to cut edges and overlap joints. While the system is highly effective in all locations, it has become sought-after for businesses based in marine or coastal environments, who are exposed to continuous moisture. A wide range of different shades are available to match all colour schemes.

While the Seamsil 100 reduces the risk of cut edge corrosion, the Seamsil 400 Bolt Encapsulation System prevents rust on roof sheet bolts and fixings. As the system is made using silicone, it is incredibly flexible and can be used in every contour of textured roof sheets. Before application, there is no need to prime the surface and once dried, the colour will not deteriorate or fade over time.

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