Organising a commercial refurbishment can be very difficult without the right amount of planning. It is important you know what type of refurbishment you require before making any big decisions. For example, a minor commercial refurbishment could consist of repairing cracked walls or decorating the office interior. On the other hand, a full refurbishment generally means carrying out major building works, such as installing heating, cooling and lighting using hidden pipework. Once you have decided what type of refurbishment is necessary, you can begin the renovation process.

Reasons to consider a commercial refurbishment

There are many reasons why a commercial refurbishment may be necessary. If you are undecided whether your office needs refurbishing, consider the following factors:


If your company has grown significantly, in terms of stock or staff, then it may be time to relocate. Overcrowded offices create an unpleasant working atmosphere and could potentially impact productivity and focus. For this reason, refurbishment may be necessary to provide employees with a more comfortable working environment.

Legal requirements

Health, safety and energy performance in buildings is of utmost importance as you must comply with government legislation to avoid hefty fines. If you are unaware of the current building regulations, you can find all the information here.


For any business, branding is a priority as it can impact how people perceive your brand, drive new business and increase brand awareness. Creating a uniform brand throughout, from company letterheads, websites and premises, allows clients to see your company is well established and organised.

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Technology is constantly evolving and improving, so it is vital your office can accommodate this and meet the needs of your buisness. Modern installations can also help reduce energy bills, so it is definitely a factor worth considering.

Morale and productivity

Employees typically spend around 8 hours a day in the office. Constantly working in the same, uninspiring environment can have a huge negative impact on morale and productivity. For this reason, a change of scenery may be just what your company needs.

Create an internal project team

Having a team of individuals who are committed to your office refurbishment will help keep everything on track and running smoothly. Firstly, a project team leader should be assigned to overview the entire renovation. The leader for this type of project should be:

  • Senior enough to make decisions
  • Experienced at multitasking
  • Highly organised
  • An excellent communicator
  • Good at sticking to a budget
  • A skilled motivator
  • Extremely knowledgeable of the company

Once a team leader has been chosen, you can then decide who else should be involved in the decision-making process. People to consider include the managing director, financial director, office manager and operations director. If you are still undecided as to who should be part of the team, this handy article will provide you with all you need to know.

Decide on a budget

Budgeting for your office refurbishment can be problematic as you never know what unexpected costs may arise. Of course, the amount you spend refurbishing is entirely dependent on the scale of the project itself. In order to devise an approximate budget, you need to consider what is a necessity for the refurbishment. For example, do you need completely new office furniture and will you be using what you currently have? If you are happy to simply move the pre-existing furniture to your new office, you do not need to budget for extra storage, seating etc.

There is no ‘average’ cost of an office refurbishment, so your budget is entirely up to you. However, to make sure you do not overspend, you should make a list of the necessities involved in your own refurbishment project and devise a budget after adding up all of those costs.

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Speak with office design companies

If this is your first commercial refurbishment, or you just don’t know where to start, contacting an office design company may be the best option for you. As experts in office refurbishment, office design companies will leave no stone unturned and ensure all your requirements are met. Engaging in a consultation with a reputable office design company in the early stages of the refurbishment process will be invaluable. In fact, teaming up with a design company could even save you money as their creative design layouts can completely transform and improve your current workspace, meaning you do not have to relocate entirely. To determine whether you are receiving the best level of service from your design company, you should ask if they offer the following:

  • A project manager for the whole project
  • Space audits and feasibility studies
  • Mechanical and electrical design installation
  • IT and telephony cabling, moving and installation
  • Planning permission and landlord negotionations
  • Full cost estimates
  • Fit out and construction

Select the right furniture

If you are expanding your office or improving its interior, it is likely you will need new furniture. Desking, seating and storage are all vital components of any office, so selecting the right ones is essential.

In terms of desking, you need to consider the available office space and the height/width you require. This will ensure employees can work comfortably without taking up too much valuable floor space. You also need to decide if you want your desks to include storage as well. If think desks with drawers are best suited to your office, this Solero panel end single pedestal desk will make a great addition to your place of work. Boasting a modern design and constructed from high-quality materials, this desk is guaranteed to add colour to the office with drawers available in yellow, red, orange and green. Alternatively, you could opt for standard rectangular desks.

Studies have shown that employees who are comfortable while they work are more productive and contribute to a more positive work environment. A good office chair will decrease the risk of back strain and ultimately prevent fatigue and discomfort. If you are struggling to find suitable chairs for your new and improved office, this buyer’s guide provides details of the top 15 ergonomic office chairs in 2019.

Storage is undoubtedly one of the most important features of an office, so it worth taking the time to shop around and find the best storage solutions for your needs. Whether you require lockers, filing cabinets or even mail sorters, Office Monster have a generous selection to choose from.

exterior cladding

Think about the exterior

The exterior of your office is just as important, if not more, as the interior. Looking at a building’s exterior is how potential clients make their first impression, so making sure your office building is in prime condition is very important.

If you aren’t relocating but still want to give your office a new lease of life, you should consider cladding spraying. If you didn’t know, cladding is used for a variety of reasons but its main purpose is to protect buildings from external conditions like the weather. Cladding is also an effective noise insulator and provides privacy and security. Over time, however, the colour of cladding will begin to fade, and rust can appear. The best way to tackle this issue to have the cladding sprayed by a specialist team who can completely transform your building exterior. Onsite spraying is also a service which you should take into consideration as it is cost-effective, long-lasting and offers a high-quality finish.

However, if you think your cladding needs more than just a coat of paint, cladding panel repairs are here to help. With cladding specialists providing colour matching services, you can feel confident that your cladding panels will match the rest of your commercial property exterior perfeclty.

Moving in

If you are relocating altogether, you need a suitable removals company to help make the process run smoothly. The best removal companies offer services which will make relocating less time consuming, such as dismantling and reassembling equipment. Moreover, you need to pick a removal company that possess the necessary packing materials which guarantee your belongings are trasported safely and securely. MK Relocations provides efficient commercial removals which are fully insured for your peace of mind. Their dedicated team will also go above and beyond to ensure you are up and running in your new premises as soon as possible.

The key to a successful commercial refurbishment

Commercial refurbishment is no easy task and can take quite some time to fully complete, which is why extensive planning and organisation is key. Carefully considering each step of the refurbishment process will save you time and money in the long run and ensure your commercial refurbishment is a success.