We are delighted to announce we are now sponsoring Water Aid. We love what Water Aid do, and how they help people all around the world.

What Water Aid Do

Water Aid is changing millions of peoples lives across the globe, working in over 28 countries to provide clean water, sanitary toilets and good hygiene.

As part of their fundraising efforts, they encourage supporters to take part in a number of charitable events. Marathons, concerts and the winter dip are all activities which everyone can get involved in.

Advanced Refurbishments Help

We are donating a percentage of every job we complete to water aid and hope to help raise a significant amount of money by the end of 2019. We would also like to encourage any of our clients to give as much as possible to Water Aid and to get involved in such a wonderful cause.
wateraid pump

Make A Donation

If you would also like to support Water Aid then feel free to make a donation. They wouldn’t be able to do the work without your donations which is why they value all the money they receive so dearly. You can make a donation by clicking here.